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Things to do before rent Property

24 August 2018, 14:53

When it comes to seeking accommodation, you have to make sure that it is right for you whether it is just yourself or both you and your family. Here are bits of advice to follow when it comes choosing the place you concern home.

Do your research

This goes without saying but it is still a vital piece of information. The internet has a variety of  options to allow you to view desired property from social media to websites. Aside from the internet, newspapers and the radio can give information on properties that are available. 

Network with friends

Your social media profiles could help save you time. Just ask around and some friends may offer some recommendations. If you prefer to keep private, talking face to face or over the phone might be of use especially when you might not be that tech savvy or just don’t have an active social media profile.

Be sure to take your time ask the following questions:

  • What utilities are included and excluding from that electricity, gas, wi-fi, refuse etc.
  • How is the security in the house? Are there alarms, deadbolts etc.
  • Is the property close to public transport (Especially if it is away from work and you can’t drive)?

View the house before

Be sure to view the place in person to see if it passes your list of questions as well as getting the general atmosphere of the living quarters and the area surrounding it. If you have a busy schedule, make the time to go and see it. If it is a case that you are living abroad, the safest thing is go for the ads that feature photographs of both the interior and exterior of the house.

Saving money tips

Property is a very expensive and risky process. However, it is worth if you found a dream place that you or you and your family. For the former, there are ways to shave off a bit of price. For example, you can get friends to help you move stuff instead of hiring a moving crew. Another tip is allowing your friends if they have a special profession like an electrician or plumber to deal with repairs at a discount if possibly. Also, if you are that worried about being left with little to no money, be sure to save money every now and again in an emergency cushion or nest egg.

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